The Wall Sit Challenge

Some people may think I’m crazy but one of my favourite exercises is squatting. Now, I have reasons for this… mainly because it’s what helps me not fall on my bum so much in derby (see my other post about falling properly to see that I definitely need some assistance with this).

But yes, in roller derby we have this thing called “derby stance,” which is basically holding a squat for as long as you’re on the track. Why? Because people can’t knock you over as easily, your strides are much stronger… and that’s about the only way I can possibly make a wall beside someone who’s way shorter than me.

So yes, one of my fellow derby players, Pocket Rockette, posted on Facebook the other day something called the “30 Day Wall Sit Challenge.”

It’s pretty simple. Every day you do a wall sit for 10 seconds longer than the previous day. For 30 days. Which equals to 300 seconds (or 5 longgg minutes) on the last day. I’ll be starting this… wonderful… challenge tomorrow morning at 10 seconds.

Want to join me? You definitely should, because, I mean, I think that muscular legs look better than, say, things like this thigh gap trend currently going around. I know some will disagree (I’ve already had a comment about it), but strong legs are more achievable and, in my opinion, better.

So in order to do this well, first you need to do it correctly! Squats (or wall sits) can be fantastic for your legs and bum, but they can also be detrimental to your knees and painful on the back if you don’t do them correctly.

Generally, the rules are that your knees should never stick out farther than your feet. If they are, rearrange yourself so that your feet stick out farther than your knees. When your knees are out farther, there’s much more pressure going onto them, which is bad. Bad. Bad.

Now I’m going to throw in some more fun derby lingo (since there’s so much of that), and say that the best way to get good squatting or wall sitting form is to have your bum out and your tickets up. Your “tickets” are around your chest region, hint. So keep your back up straight, and stick your bum out like you’re about to sit on a chair, but, you know, don’t actually sit on that chair.

The 30 Day Wall Sit Challenge has also started the hashtag #30dayfitness to use if you want to brag about your progress if you would like to partake.

So enjoy squat town! I know I will… maybe.


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